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Can I get an online life insurance policy in the UK?

As a general rule, yes you can. These days many companies are offering online services and most of these companies allow you to complete the policy online, although this is not always the case. By visiting the official websites of life insurance companies you will quickly be able to tell if they offer any online services or not. Those that donít will normally provide you with a phone number which you can ring in order to obtain a quote. 
Insurance is big business and these days many large scale corporations are turning to insurance as a way of maximising their profits. These large scale businesses include supermarkets or major home store chains and again you will be able to find information about their online services from their websites. 

Life insurance is a very complicated subject and there are many different types of policies available to choose from. In the very broadest terms there are two main types of policy from which all other policies are derived. These are whole life insurance policies and term life insurance policies. Whole life insurance policies are usually very complicated and as a whole life insurance policy will last for the rest of your life there is a lot to discuss in the application process. For this reason you are more likely to find term life insurance policies over the internet rather than whole life insurance polices. We would strongly advise anyone who is thinking about a whole life insurance policy to consider dealing with an insurance broker rather than setting the policy up yourself. There are some online insurance brokers, but it is probably better to deal with them in person rather than over the internet so that you can be sure that you are agreeing to the right deal. 

With most other types of insurance you can usually get a benefit for signing up to the policy online. Usually this is a discount of 10% although other offers sometimes come along. It is not as common to receive such benefits for when you take out a life insurance policy online, although this doesnít mean that they never exist. Sometimes you might find indirect offers, for instance an offer of a certain amount of store card points if you purchase your life insurance from a supermarket chain. 

The cost of life insurance can vary by as much as 50% so it is absolutely essential that you find the best deal possible. 


Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is not intended, nor should it be construed as providing any form of financial advice or guidance as to which insurance product/policy is right for you. If you are unsure as to which product meets your requirements/needs you should always seek advice from an Insurance Professional.

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